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Tim Perper wrote:

<<Over the years of studying courtship and seduction, I've drawn two
conclusions. One is that there will never be lack of entrepreneurs who
want to sell "guaranteed" seduction techniques, and the other is that no
such things exist.>>

Tim, I suspect no one will argue with your first point; your second,
however, is easily disproved by counterexample. The Ross Jeffries products
are indeed guaranteed; anyone who does not successfully seduce three "hot
babes" in the first year is offered their money back. What you probably
mean, though, is that no seduction technique will work for all men at all
times on all women. I suspect no one will argue with that either. Even
Jeffries claims only 70% efficacy with his techniques even when mastered.

<<Some commonsense to the rescue: if such techniques
*did* exist, they would have been figured out millenia ago -- and there'd
be no reason to sell "new" techniques. Who'd need 'em?>>

Careful! Common sense is the enemy of science! It's difficult for me to
understand a man of science arguing against the possibility of the
advancement of knowledge.

As with other branches of NLP, Speed Seduction is based on the idea of
modeling the attitudes and behaviors of successful people. Just because
techniques are in use by others doesn't mean it isn't possible or valuable
for you or me to learn them. You can't possibly be arguing that all males
are equally successful seducers, can you?

<<... But as a genuine expert in the area, I do not believe
the claims that NLP or related techniques will make seduction more likely
than with any other prosocial ability.>>

It's a pleasure to meet an expert. How many women have you seduced? How many
do I need to qualify as an expert too?

<<If someone wants to challenge me, I
can set up some tests that would hold up under peer reviewing. One of them
involves asking who the trained individual approached -- it's easy to
"seduce" a hooker. There are other tests as well, which I can explain if
anyone wants to know.>>

I would be very interested to hear about these tests! I think there's a good
chance Ross Jeffries would take up such a challenge and I have copied him on
this post.

My personal experience from watching the techniques used is that they work
best on intelligent, sober women with good imaginations. Other than Sharon
Stone in Casino, I don't think hookers usually fall into this category.

<<It's amusing, if you think about it.>>

I couldn't agree more!

Richard Brodie
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