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Subject: Re: To Stephen Springette from Edryce
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 01:51:05 -0700

Steve wrote:

>[snip] I had
>supported feminism in the past because of the dominance of these types
>of men and because I had been gullible enough to believe feminists when
>whined about being helpless, innocent victims. And, I reject feminism now
>for two main reasons:
> 1) It absolves women from taking responsibility for their choices
>and their role in the creation of the types of men that oppress us all;
> 2) It oppresses women. It ignores the very real way in which women
>hurt women. The worst of women are getting away with murder. Women create
>the norms against which women compare themselves and each other, judge each
>other, and exclude those women that dare to be different.

If you are going to have this discussion here (which may or may not be the
right place to do it), please note that there are at present several species
of "feminism" competing for a niche in Western culture. Among them are the
"Traditional" feminists, the "Third Wave" feminists, the "Rules Book"
feminists, and the so called "Camille Paglia" feminists, just to name a few.
Some of these forms of feminism express the very same ideas you are
espousing. (Albeit with much more style and wit.)

If it is a specific school (or schools) of thought that have gotten your
goat, please be _specific._ Your generalizations are at best inaccurate and
at worst openly offensive.


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