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Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 22:01:49 -0500
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At 06:46 PM 9/1/98 -0600, Mark Mills wrote:

>>Nevertheless, I stand by
>>my assertion that his "pack your bed with girls," etc. claims are extremely
>I agree, but a better response would be to undercut neuro-linguistic
>programing (NLP) in general by quoting published papers. The guy is
>simply popularizing NLP.

Yes, this would certainly be an essential element of any formal critique.

>On the surface, NLP relates to brain function and thus meme reproduction.
> It certainly has limited academic standing, but like hypnosis, seems to
>be here to stay (at least as an economic activity).

Indeed, a term like "neuro-linguistic programming" may have simply sounded
too impressive to die out commercially, regardless of what it even referred

>I suppose it is dangerous to devote time to such 'immoral' activities in
>our new science, but how can one study cultural replication without
>distancing our 'observations' from our personal value systems?

--Aaron Lynch

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