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Touch, Richard,

But my lectures were way back when everyone accepted Hypnosis and wrote great
papers on it, late 1940's and early 50's. Subsequently, the medical sources
sort of disappeared when they found the same thing that I did, i.e., there was
no need to go through the hocus pocus of hypnosis when one could do the same
thing more quickly, more effectively through regular suggestive techniques which
result in interesting effects totally in control of the subject but generally
classed in the same category as placebo effect. The same holds true for all of
the abbreviated groups and lots more. Same mechanism in most cases,
suggestion... It is amazing what folks can do when they think that they
can.... Hard to argue with results if only they would persist but we have to
keep inventing new ones as the others become pass...

Thus, I stopped using it way back then and don't lecture on it anymore, I just
holler at others who don't do the same thing!

Good to hear from you...



Richard Brodie wrote:

> Bob Grimes wrote cordially:
> <<P.S. I fully agree with your appraisal of NLP... Add it to TT, TFT,
> EMDRT, et
> al>>
> I'm puzzled how anyone can claim that hypnosis works but not NLP. Perhaps
> you are misinformed about the nature of one or the other. Hurry and check it
> out! We already have two academics agreeing that NLP is worthless: one more
> and it will become the Truth!

Bob Grimes Jacksonville, Florida

Man is not in control, but the man who knows he is not in control is more in control...

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