RE: To Stephen Springette from Edryce

Mark Mills (
Tue, 1 Sep 98 18:46:54 -0600

Subject: RE: To Stephen Springette from Edryce
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 98 18:46:54 -0600
From: Mark Mills <>
To: "Memetics List" <>
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>Nevertheless, I stand by
>my assertion that his "pack your bed with girls," etc. claims are extremely

I agree, but a better response would be to undercut neuro-linguistic
programing (NLP) in general by quoting published papers. The guy is
simply popularizing NLP.

On the surface, NLP relates to brain function and thus meme reproduction.
It certainly has limited academic standing, but like hypnosis, seems to
be here to stay (at least as an economic activity).

I suppose it is dangerous to devote time to such 'immoral' activities in
our new science, but how can one study cultural replication without
distancing our 'observations' from our personal value systems?


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