Re: re. Feminist Drivel and Memetics

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Wed, 02 Sep 1998 06:08:50 +0800

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Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 06:08:50 +0800
From: Steve <>
Subject: Re: re. Feminist Drivel and Memetics

At 03:49 PM 9/1/98 -0400, Bob Grimes in reply to Paul Marsden (who is in the
faculty of social SCIENCE - refer post 1 Sept), wrote:
>Hear, Hear, Paul, I was attempting to resist commenting on such but, consider
>myself a feminist

Need I say more about the current state of our understanding of human
nature? Thank you, Bob. Bob's own upbringing was in clinical psychology.

So long as people involved in the life sciences continue to take feminism
seriously, I'm going to have a hard time taking our life sciences seriously.

Stephen Springette

Newton's Laws of Emotion:
There can be no complexity without simplicity

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