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At 10:38 AM 9/1/98 -0700, Richard Brodie wrote:

>In recent months, several independent journalists including myself have
>examined the sensationally and offensively promoted techniques of Ross
>Jeffries and found them to work. I personally have interviewed several of
>Jeffries's students, including some "before" and "after", and found dramatic
>changes in their seduction abilities. So before calling his claims
>fraudulent, buddy, you'd better hire a good lawyer. He doesn't take kindly
>to being libeled.

Very interesting. An example of a Ross Jeffries posting that might, on a
different listserve, be alleged as fraudulent or libelous against me:

"There is hope and salavation waiting for you instead of Jergens lotion and
resuscitator Annie, your inflatable weekend date."

And the title of my book rewritten by Ross:

> How Pee Leaks Through My Depends

These statements are provably false, and can be found at Deja News,

As for his program, "guaranteed to pack your bed with girls," your
"evidence" as stated is anything but scientific. The "before" and "after"
converts to all sorts of programs claim better "results"--especially the
ones who still admit to involvement. Or when talking to a known friend of
the "instructor." Moreover, we should expect any group of men who have
accepted a message that serial fast seduction is what they want to behave
accordingly--regardless of the effectiveness of the "methods." Finally, men
who get themselves dumped more often may, ipso facto, have higher partner
counts. I can actually believe that Ross Jeffries methods "succeed" in this

Nothing I say implies that it is not possible to teach social skills,
confidence, money making strategies, clothing styles, manipulation tactics,
etc. that ultimately increase one's partner count. Nevertheless, I stand by
my assertion that his "pack your bed with girls," etc. claims are extremely
doubtful. There are plenty of others popular writers coaching people on how
to deal with the opposite sex, and I suspect that followers of those
authors are more satisfied with their sexual lives.

--Aaron Lynch

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