To Stephen Springette from Edryce

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Mon, 31 Aug 1998 17:22:40 -0700

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Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 17:22:40 -0700
Subject: To Stephen Springette from Edryce

On Sunday, August 30, you sent a message which ws in response to someone
else's message, which I did not read. So my comments here may be out of
place. I am just responding to what I read in your message.

You titled it "Feminist drivel and memetics." You use the terms
"feminist claptrap," "feminist drivel," "feminist disaster." These are
pretty strong terms. I would like to know from whence they came---or did
I miss a whole bunch of stuff? A resume of what you mean would help.

Later you say, "When we understand these sorts of basic issues,
everything else will fall into place with crystal clarity. And there
will be no gender-supremacist movement." Shall I conclude from this that
the "feminist drivel" and "gender-supremacist movement" somehow relate to
one another?

One more question/ You say, " are the producers of variety and
women are the filters of variety." Could you please elaborate on your
reasoning here, and give some references?


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