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Subject: Re: Structure of facts and opinions
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 98 10:24:05 -0600
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>This crucial error
>is the denial of the material basis for social phenomena.

I agree.

>If memetics is to fulfill any useful or
>novel purpose, it must attempt to bridge this tired and outdated

I agree.

>Our evolved biogenetic nature predisposes individuals to selectively
>attend to certain environmental stimuli suggesting the gratification
>of basic interests such as nutrition, shelter and reproduction.

This seems to reflect the tired and outdated dichotomy mentioned above.

>Our evolved sociocultural nature predisposes us to attend to
>stimuli of relevance in our social striving. Successful memes
>will succeed on the basis of their
>ability to excite the human mind in specific ways which are unique and
>determined largely by evolved cognitive capacities.

This bring up the old chicken and egg problem. Which came first, the
social striving or the meme?

If there is a physical basis for social phenomena, one can conclude that
society is a property of memes rather than a antecedent or consequence.
Just as sticking your finger in water makes it wet, the existence of
memes creates society. There is no reason or justification, it simply is
that way.


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