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Wed, 26 Aug 1998 18:10:22 -0500

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Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 18:10:22 -0500
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Subject: Re: Structure of facts and opinions
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Tim Rhodes wrote:

>>On the other hand, there *are* scientists who read
>>science newsgroups, and they have seen your crossposts mixing science
>>newsgroups with
>So you read for the science, eh, Aaron? Yeah, I know how
>it can be. And I read Playboy for the articles too.

No, I had never even heard of until I read Richard
Brodie's crossposts that carried in the header along
with science newsgroups such as alt.memetics. It was by reading
alt.memetics that I found out about this. In addition to imparting bad
impressions of memetics, the crossposts also disrupted scientific
discussions by attracting the attention of a purveyor of "speed seduction"
tapes, whose method was to go around sexually flaming non-customers. He was
insinuating that anyone who did not buy his tapes was "not getting it."
That man did, however, write a very nice endorsement for Virus of the Mind,
which I learned about from a woman who does not like VOTM or

>>Another pitfall of mixed marketing arises in your negative impression
>>of professors. There is an implication in Virus of the Mind (p. 72) that
>>professors are only out to protect their jobs.

>Our own Bruce Edmonds recently noted in a paper to the Journal regarding
>selection criteria for memetic models: "For this reason the application of
>stringent selection processes (that are relevant to the survival of the
>field as opposed to relevant to only the survival of academics and their
>constructs) is vital."
>Would you make a similar accusation here, for a similar impression is given
>by this quote as well?

Anyone in any field can *admonish* colleages to pay extra attention to the
quality of their product versus mere self-preservation. Edmonds' remarks
are just such a positive admonishment, rather than a negative stereotyping
of professors or other professionals.

>If you want to find fault in Richard, simply note the fact that he cannot
>write a post (to any list) without including plug for his book and that this
>becomes tiresome after a while.
>But as they say, "The nice thing about an egotist is, at least they don't go
>around taking about other people." :-)

I'd say that the egotist going by the name "" did quite a
bit of flaming of other people. Thankfully, the "MemeGenius" posts have
stopped. It would be nice if the posts permanently stop
too, or at least stop crossposting into science groups.

--Aaron Lynch

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