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>Here is a list some of you might find useful, recent academic journal
>articles on memetics (conspicuously absent in JOM articles and discussion)
>If there are any people with copies of the du Preez article (on memetic
>theory of altruism) of the Tracy article please could you send me a copy
>(I'll pay costs) I'm desperate for them for wrapping up my thesis. Also as
>my German is not to good, has anybody read the Asendorpf article, or have a
>Asendorpf, JB (1996) "The Nature Of Personality - A Coevolutionary
>Perspective" Zeitschrift Fur Psychologie, 1996, Vol.204, No.1, pp.97-115
>Baker, MC (1996) "Depauperate Meme Pool Of Vocal Signals In An Island
>Population Of Singing Honeyeaters" Animal Behaviour, 1996, Vol.51, No.Pt4,
>Carey, TV (1998) "The Invisible Hand Of Natural Selection, And Vice Versa"
>Biology & Philosophy, (1998), Vol.13, No.3, pp.427-442
>Deb, D (1996) "Of Cast Net And Caste Identity - Memetic Differentiation
>Between 2 Fishing Communities Of Karnataka" Human Ecology, 1996, Vol.24,
>No.1, pp.109-123
>Du Preez, P (1996) "The Evolution of Altruism" Political Psychology Vol
>17(3) pp563-567
>Gatherer, D (1998) "Meme Pools, World 3, And Averroes's Vision Of
>Immortality" Zygon, 1998, Vol.33, No.2, pp.203-219
>Goodenough, UW (1994) "The Religious Dimensions Of The Biological Narrative"
>Zygon, 1994, Vol.29, No.4, pp.603-618
>Harms, W "Cultural-Evolution And The Variable Phenotype" Biology &
>Philosophy, 1996, Vol.11, No.3, pp.357-375
>Laland, KN (1992) "A Theoretical Investigation Of The Role Of Social
>Transmission In Evolution" Ethology And Sociobiology, 1992, Vol.13, No.2,
>Percival, RS (1994) "Dawkins And Incurable Mind Viruses - Memes, Rationality
>Evolution" Journal Of Social And Evolutionary Systems, 1994, Vol.17, No.3,
>Price, I (1995) "Organizational Memetics - Organizational Learning as A
>Selection Process Management Learning" 1995, Vol.26, No.3, Pp.299-318
>Sterelny, K, Smith, Kc, Dickison, M (1996) "The Extended Replicator"
>Biology & Philosophy, 1996, Vol.11, No.3, pp.377-403
>Thiessen, D (1997) "Meme Over Matter: Descartes Redux" Mankind Quarterly,
>1997, Vol.37, No.4, pp.415-435
>Tracy, L "Memes, Templates, And Replicators" Behavioral Science, 1996,
>Vol.41, No.3, pp.205-214
>Whitmeyer, JM (1998) "On The Relationship Between Memes And Genes: A
>Critique Of Dennett" Biology & Philosophy, 1998, Vol.13, No.2, Pp.187-204
>Paul Marsden
>Graduate Research Centre in the Social Sciences
>University of Sussex
>tel/fax (44) (0) 117 974 1279
Thank you, Paul.

These look like good additions for the JOM-EMIT bibliography.
--Aaron Lynch

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