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Subject: Recent academic articles on memetics
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 12:47:04 +0100

Here is a list some of you might find useful, recent academic journal
articles on memetics (conspicuously absent in JOM articles and discussion)

If there are any people with copies of the du Preez article (on memetic
theory of altruism) of the Tracy article please could you send me a copy
(I'll pay costs) I'm desperate for them for wrapping up my thesis. Also as
my German is not to good, has anybody read the Asendorpf article, or have a

Asendorpf, JB (1996) "The Nature Of Personality - A Coevolutionary
Perspective" Zeitschrift Fur Psychologie, 1996, Vol.204, No.1, pp.97-115
Baker, MC (1996) "Depauperate Meme Pool Of Vocal Signals In An Island
Population Of Singing Honeyeaters" Animal Behaviour, 1996, Vol.51, No.Pt4,
Carey, TV (1998) "The Invisible Hand Of Natural Selection, And Vice Versa"
Biology & Philosophy, (1998), Vol.13, No.3, pp.427-442
Deb, D (1996) "Of Cast Net And Caste Identity - Memetic Differentiation
Between 2 Fishing Communities Of Karnataka" Human Ecology, 1996, Vol.24,
No.1, pp.109-123
Du Preez, P (1996) "The Evolution of Altruism" Political Psychology Vol
17(3) pp563-567
Gatherer, D (1998) "Meme Pools, World 3, And Averroes's Vision Of
Immortality" Zygon, 1998, Vol.33, No.2, pp.203-219
Goodenough, UW (1994) "The Religious Dimensions Of The Biological Narrative"
Zygon, 1994, Vol.29, No.4, pp.603-618
Harms, W "Cultural-Evolution And The Variable Phenotype" Biology &
Philosophy, 1996, Vol.11, No.3, pp.357-375
Laland, KN (1992) "A Theoretical Investigation Of The Role Of Social
Transmission In Evolution" Ethology And Sociobiology, 1992, Vol.13, No.2,
Percival, RS (1994) "Dawkins And Incurable Mind Viruses - Memes, Rationality
Evolution" Journal Of Social And Evolutionary Systems, 1994, Vol.17, No.3,
Price, I (1995) "Organizational Memetics - Organizational Learning as A
Selection Process Management Learning" 1995, Vol.26, No.3, Pp.299-318
Sterelny, K, Smith, Kc, Dickison, M (1996) "The Extended Replicator"
Biology & Philosophy, 1996, Vol.11, No.3, pp.377-403
Thiessen, D (1997) "Meme Over Matter: Descartes Redux" Mankind Quarterly,
1997, Vol.37, No.4, pp.415-435
Tracy, L "Memes, Templates, And Replicators" Behavioral Science, 1996,
Vol.41, No.3, pp.205-214
Whitmeyer, JM (1998) "On The Relationship Between Memes And Genes: A
Critique Of Dennett" Biology & Philosophy, 1998, Vol.13, No.2, Pp.187-204

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