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Subject: RE: Crictical Thinking in Memetics
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Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 13:40:57 -0400 (EDT)

RE: Fictional institutions.

I have been awfully slow to pick up on this - switching
university e-mail systems meant that I was not receiving
the digest that I ordinarily do. However, I think I've
just worked out that Aaron's initial comments on the matter
of fictional institutions was stimulated by my inclusion of
'Meme Lab' under the contact information in my paper in the

1) I apologise if anyone interpreted the name 'meme lab'
as some kind of institute or university department - it is
not. Meme Lab represents the collaboration between myself
and Dr. Susan Blackmore in memetics research. Meme Lab was
included as contact information so that people could go and
look at it - it is *not* an academic affiliation in the
same sense that UWE is an affiliation.

2) If the section of the paper that meme lab is currently
listed is meant for academic affiliation then its inclusion
was in error - and I have asked JOM to remove 'meme lab'
from this section if that is the case.

3) Why did no one say anything directly to me? I'm an
approachable post-grad and happy to talk to anyone who has
a problem with my work (academically or otherwise). The
*last* controversy I wished to raise was one about 'bogus'

It's weird when you read things and only afterwards realise
they were referring to you!

Nick Rose
"University of the West of England"

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