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>Robert G. Grimes wrote:
>> Dear Richard and Aaron,
>> Believe it or not, we love you both! I only wish we were closer so
>> that I could take you both out to dinner and get some of your
>> knowledge over a glass of wine.
>Thank you for expressing so eloquently the feelings of many of the
>members of the memetics list. While it is probably a bit risky to refer
>to Aaron and Richard in the same breath, they both share a passion for
>and understanding of memetics that many of us envy. I'm sure that there
>must be many areas of common ground and, thankfully, differences. Life
>would be pretty bloody boring if we all agreed on everything. But lets
>cut out the sly digs and innuendo and get back to some good old rip
>roaring rational debate (please excuse the alliteration).
>bRuce :-) oops

Dear Bruce and Bob,

Although I appreciate your efforts in bridging the gap between both these
"main players", I'm not all that comfortable with brushing all disturbances
under the same rug as being ultimately equal. After all, Aaron has made an
effort to present his case against Richard in some detail, and I haven't
really seen any response to specific allegations. You can be sure I don't
like quarreling and animosity any more than you do, but sometimes things
_have_ to be said to set matters straight; even if they are unpleasant. One
of the cloudiest concepts introduced in the sixties was "tolerance". While
it is a good thing to stress the fact that all men are equal, it is
downright _wrong_ to stop people from raising their voices and make a stand.

In any case it's a personal issue for me. No offense meant :-)



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