Re: Institute for Memetic Research (was: Critical Thinking in Memetics)

Robert G. Grimes (
Tue, 16 Jun 1998 18:16:06 -0400

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 18:16:06 -0400
From: "Robert G. Grimes" <>
Subject: Re: Institute for Memetic Research (was: Critical Thinking in Memetics)

Dear Richard and Aaron,

Believe it or not, we love you both! I only wish we were closer so that I could
take you both out to dinner and get some of your knowledge over a glass of wine.

There is an old meme that has gone down over the years in our family. It is the
"Great Big Eraser Meme" You've both probably heard of it. It goes something
like, "Let's just get out the Great Big Eraser and wipe all of this out and,
Start Over!"

I have such great respect for both of you and I'm certainly not alone in that.
You are both fine, intelligent gentlemen and I do believe that we would all
prosper much more intellectually if we used that meme I referred to....

You both have so much to contribute and one of the really tremendous
possibilities might be a professional collaboration. Now wait a minute....
That was serious... If not a professional collaboration, a very friendly truce
so that we could all profit from the great store of knowledge of you both.

Could I be an unwitting catalyst, maybe a little foolish, something not worth a
lot and not changing or not participating in anything, but just my presence,
that may allow something to happen that otherwise might not? We promise not to
bring it up again but that collaboration is really a great idea, even if I did
think of it.... Great minds, etc..etc.



Richard Brodie wrote:

> Aaron Lynch wrote:
> <<However, if you can tell me the train stop for the "Institute for Memetics
> Research," I would be impressed.>>
> Your difficulty may be that you have a slight error in the name. It's
> "Institute for Memetic Research" (not "Memetics"). The last address I have
> for them is
> PO Box 16327
> Panama City FL 32406-1327


Bob Grimes Jacksonville, Florida

Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore....."

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