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Subject: Institute for Memetic Research (was: Critical Thinking in Memetics)
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Aaron Lynch wrote:

<<However, if you can tell me the train stop for the "Institute for Memetics
Research," I would be impressed.>>

Your difficulty may be that you have a slight error in the name. It's
"Institute for Memetic Research" (not "Memetics"). The last address I have
for them is

PO Box 16327
Panama City FL 32406-1327

Panama city is at the west end of the Florida Panhandle, on the Gulf coast
near the capital Tallahassee. I don't travel much by train, but you could
try if you can get through -- their server is as
unreliable as their trains.

The Institute for Memetic Research published the first memetics journal in
existence, Journal of Ideas, of which I have several issues in front of me.
One of them has an article by an A. Lynch -- any relation?

Unfortunately, I don't think they are around any longer and I have lost
touch with Elan Moritz, the director of the Institute and editor of the
Journal. Dr. Moritz kindly gave me a very nice quote to use on the dust
jacket of my book "Virus of the Mind", which you can read on the
page if you like, along with a
whole bunch of reviews from readers, many of them quite amusing. My favorite
is from the reader who says my book is so bad, don't bother buying a copy,
go find his where he left it on the beach in Mexico.

Richard Brodie
Author, "Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme"
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