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Mario Vaneechoutte (
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 21:24:26 +0200

Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 21:24:26 +0200
From: Mario Vaneechoutte <>
Subject: Re: Memes as Maps

Ton Maas wrote:

> Robin Faichney wrote:
> >This is good, but even better, I think, is this: information is form,
> >and form is information. There are good linguistic (as well as other)
> >reasons for this, as explained at
> >under "Information and Reality". The implications of this way of
> >thinking for memetics are tackled under "Information and Life", but as
> >admitted there, this is not yet fully developed. ("Information and
> >Reality" isn't quite right yet either -- I'll leave the detailing of its
> >imperfections as an exercise for the reader! :-)
> I keep having a hard time swallowing "essentialist" (as opposed to
> relational) definitions of information. For me, information is inseparable
> from the process of informing. Long before the coming of modern ecological
> and context theory (i.e. Bateson and Wilden), Bishop Berkely had the wisdom
> to question the unperceived falling of a tree in the forest. I still think
> that Bateson defined information in the most clear way possible, as "the
> difference which makes a difference".
> Ton

Do you have the exact reference of this? Also because I think I have read the
same expression as being one of Shannon.Thanks


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