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> Please read carefuly:
> Note 7
> Speel, H-C., 1997; A Memetic Analysis of Policy Making.
> Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission, 1.
> I believe it is very closely related to the "substance" of "Memes are
> interactors" and "Substance and form" on this list.

I haven;t followed it so I don't know

> One more "fresh" first-hand example of how information is "host related"
> and is not TRANSMITTED but PRODUCED:
> I carefully read the whole H-C's article few months ago and the Note 7 than
> didn't trigger in my brain any relevant process. Only last week, when
> writing the comments to the two articles of Hoffmeyer and Emeche I was
> looking for his replicator/interactor distinction and have noticed that he
> is also referring in Note 7 to Pattee as did H&E in the part of their
> article I was interested in. Only than a process started in my brain, the
> product of which will be in a short time transduced in another page on TRIPOD.
> I would like to ask Hans-Cees, or anyone interested, for a closer
> explanation of the meaning for "matter" and "material" in the context of
> this Note. Is it there for physical substance or for something that
> "matters" to the host? Also where could I find something more about the
> Weismannian barrier?

You can read on the weismannian bariere in Dawkins 1982. It simply
means that coding from dna to enzymens does take place, but not from
enzymes to dna. That is all.

Matter here means physical substance. DNA is code because it has
meaning to the cell only with regard of its coded contense, coding
for enzymes. DNA is also matter of course, meaning that it has
physical characteristics like falling apart when the temperature
becomes too high.
Enzymes are matter and not code becuase their direct charateristics
are what matters in the cell: it determines if they function or not.


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