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Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 12:43:48 -0500
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>OPPS! I am very sorry for sending that last email to the entire list! I
>meant to just send it to the individual. What a moron I am; perhaps I
>need another cup of coffee.
>My apologies for cluttering up your inbox.
>Mike Best


A pleasure to see you on this list.

After your cup of coffee, perhaps you (or someone else on this list) can
answer a question regarding your recent letter to JOM-EMIT. In it, you
state that Campbell (1974) uses the word "mnemon," but you do not give a
page number. I don't recall seeing this word in my original reading of
Campbell, and my present re-read only finds the phrases "nonmnemonic
problem solving" and "mnemonically supported thought," not _mnemon_. In
case my eyes have deceived me, perhaps you could provide some enlightenment.



Campbell, D.T. (1974). Evolutionary epistemology. In P.A. Schilpp (Ed.).
The philosophy of Karl Popper. La Salle, IL: Open Court Publishing.

--Aaron Lynch

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