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Subject: Re: Machiavellian Memes
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 00:42:55 -0700

Aaron Lynch writes:

>As you say, the Church of Virus might not be oriented toward the same
>of scholarship found in the Journal of Memetics. Nevertheless, you may
>suggest that their web pages put in more links to sites that carry serious
>material. In its related sites and alt.memetics archives pages, it mentions
>only the memetics book for which Word 7's grammar checker rates the
>introduction as high school sophomore reading level, not the one rated at
>college freshman level (and the one that happens to mention Rogers). It
>also avoids links to documents that contain population memetic equations
>and event diagrams. Most importantly, it does not contain any links to
>peer-reviewed journals in memetics. A lot of people visiting those sites
>will form immune reactions to memetics if they do not see that there is
>also more serious material available. The more successfully the site
>attracts visitors, the more scientists will be immunized against memetics
>by these problems. Bear in mind that the main limiting factor to most
>biological viruses is immunity, a point worth remembering when attempting
>to spread a scientifically-based philosophy.

A useful analysis.

But shouldn't your own work studing memes tell you that the most effective
place to make share such an analysis (if you really want your memes to
create positive change) is not here, but rather on the Church of Virus'
mailing list? If you really want to help, tell /them/ your thoughts.

On the other hand, if you're just peeved because they overlooked your book,
but included Brodie's on their reading list, however... ;-)

-Tim Rhodes

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