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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 15:42:30 +0200

Josip, The first time I heard about the "quality--->quantity--->quality" =
feedback loop was from author Paul Zane Pilzer in his book "Unlimited =
Wealth" (published 1991).=20
One of his examples was about television sets. A family can afford to =
buy their first TV, and buys a small black and white one. Then they =
eventually buy a second one for their bedroom (increase quantity). Then =
they buy their first color TV to replace the first B&W one (increase =
quality), then after seeing the vast improvements the new color TV has =
over the B&W one, they eventually replace their second B&W to a color =
one also (quantity again). Then they improve quality again by getting a =
larger screen TV, then a second for the bedroom etc.. and this cycle =
will continue.=20

The above is just an example. The same could be said for dress suits (or =
anything else): I buy my first dress suit at a low price, then when it =
comes time to buy a second, I will probably increase the quality (I =
obviously won't lower the quality). The more suits I buy, they will =
either be of the same or higher quality. If my first suit was bought at =
a very low price, and I decide to spend some money and buy a =
custom-tailored suit at Brooks Brothers, after I have bought it, I have =
raised the standard for myself, and the rest of my suit purchases will =
be of equal or greater value (quality).

I don't know if this helps at all.. but those are the examples I have =
heard/seen/experienced concerning quality-quantity.


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