General Semantics-Josip's suggestion

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Sat, 18 Apr 1998 17:55:06 -0700

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Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 17:55:06 -0700
Subject: General Semantics-Josip's suggestion

On April 1, Josip Pajk asked a question that I never saw an answer to.
He asked "I wonder how many of you folks have taken a serious look at
general-semantics as a discipline?"

There were responses to his message, but none that I saw that answered
his question.

I have not engaged in most of the discussion on this list because of my
study of general semantics. I cannot seem to find a starting place where
I know enough meanings to respond intelligently.

So, Josip, I am finally responding to your question. I frequently say
that I am burdened, inhibited, damaged by having been involved in
studying GS for a long time. To me, anyone really wanting to communicate
effectively would immediately want to learn more about GS, once its
existence became known.

Do you practice E-Prime? I try, but lapse into "to be" even when I
consciously want to do otherwise. I would like to hear more about your
involvement with GS, and thank you for asking such an important question
for a list like this one.

Edryce Reynolds

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