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Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 14:17:42 +0000
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Dear all,
this letter si one of the finest I got this month. They do a lot of
efford to be in harmony with catholic and other memes: family, don't
get rich overnight, etc. Just fun to read.


> Dear World Friend:
> I am sure that by now you have tried all the "Get-Rich-Quick"
> schemes out there, and are ready and willing to turn your attention
> to something that really works. Most people are. Read on to unlock
> this Secret Door to your future.
> Would you like to quietly make extra money every month, year after
> year, and all of it be tax free? I knew you would. Now you can
> with the help of our World-Wide private network of friends helping
> friends. I would like to invite you to join a very special group of
> people and make the kind of money you are seeking.
> We have a private program based in the USA that extends around the
> entire world. Most of us are middle-aged or older, conservative and
> family oriented. We all made the commitment to do whatever we have
> to do -- as long as it is ethical, honest and legal -- to make
> tremendous income together in the years ahead. We have all `been
> there and done that' very much like you.
> We can all make money quietly and privately in comfort. You will
> not get rich overnight. If you want to get rich quick, this is not
> for you. By keeping it among private members, we can all profit
> handsomely in the coming months and years without drawing
> unnecessary attention to ourselves or our confidential strategies.
> I will show you how we use our unique, controlled, and honest
> program to put you in whatever income bracket you choose.
> All I want you to do is send $3.00 (to cover printing and postage)
> and I will send you all of our detailed information on how the club
> works and how everyone helps everyone. There is a one-time $10.00
> set-up fee to become a member. Do not send the $10.00 now. If you
> like what you see after you review the information, then you can
> send in your $10.00 membership fee. We know you will like what you
> see.
> Our program will not interfere with any other programs in which you
> are participating. I will show you just how easy and powerful this
> program really is. Your tax-free cash gifts will come to you in
> increments of $10.00, not one or two dollars like some of the other
> programs out there. The money you can make is extraordinary, and we
> do most of the work. Our powerful Pentium servers and software keep
> track of everything for you..
> You owe it to yourself to take a look and then decide if you would
> like to receive the kind of money that most people can only dream
> about. You will spend more than $3.00 on snacks today. Your future
> is worth more than a snack.
> No one will call you. No one will come see you. There is no
> pressure. You do not have to talk to anyone. You decide if you want
> to be part of our private network on your own after you review the
> information package. This is a private club with the privacy of each
> and every member protected. Quiet, confidential and comfortable.
> Mail this ENTIRE LETTER along with $3.00 inside US - $4.00 outside US
> (cash only USD) for printing and postage to:
> UWF-Info * POBox 802-cb * CLEMMONS NC * 27012-0802 * USA
> Name: ______________________________________________________________
> Address: __________________________________________________________
> City: _______________________ State: _________ Zip: ____________
> Country: ___________________________ #201029

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