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Sat, 11 Apr 1998 09:11:23 +0300

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Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 09:11:23 +0300
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Subject: Re: The sex-death continuum
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At 21:57 1998.04.07 -0400, Rob wrote:
>Has anyone yet done any investigations of the realtion between sex
>repression and death obsession? It's definitely quite present and seems
>to be a good are to investigate in a memetic/ evolutionary biology

The interesting book on this theme is Yu. Boroday (1996) "Erotica - Death
- Taboo: The tragedy of human consciousness". I have read the Russian
edition ("Erotika - Smert' - Tabu: tragediya chelovecheskogo soznaniya",
Moscow: Gnozis, 1996). May be there is English edition too.
Russian philosopher Boroday evolves some S. Freud's ideas about the sex
and death relationships. Boroday presents very interesting hypothesis about
anthroposociogenesis. It is intriguing alloy of ideas about sex, taboo,
cultural evolution, death and murder, some psychoanalysis aspects etc.


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