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Subject: Re: List of meme definitions

> Yet if you do write about memes as replicators, then you need a definition
> that makes sure that ALL of the instances labeled as "memes" are indeed
> replicators. If you do not, then people will rightly regard you as
> mislabeling all sorts of non-replicated and non-replicating mnemons that

I do not agree if I understand you correctly. Hull has labeled
replicators and interactors as definitions of process. This means
that some replicators can fuction as interactors as well. Genes are
thus not defined as interactors but can be interactors at times.
Genes are defined as raplicators, but can be interactors. In the same
sense memes are replicators but can be interactors too. They are not
always interactors of course.


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