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Wed, 01 Apr 1998 23:44:29 -0700

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Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 23:44:29 -0700
Subject: fast food fantasia


you asked about urban myths? I am unfamiliar with the Kentucky fried rat
but here in Northern New Mexico there are a couple of similar memetic
spasms rippling through the streets. Both are pretty gross, at least by
my standards, so I would urge all list members to seriously consider
leaving the following paragraph unread. You may never trust a
grease-slinging youngster again.

In a local Mexican style fast food joint, let's call it Waco Hell...(for
the sake of avoiding law suits) a young fella was caught yanking off
into the refrieds. And a teacher I know who works with 'at-risk' youth
passed on the word that some frier jockeys were ripping off the legs of
captured cockroaches and cooking them up with the fries...not the legs,
the other part. I think this was taking place in a chicken place.

With stories like these milling about in the meme pool its no wonder
food industry lawyers are so touchy these days. I know my eating habits
have changed.

bon apetite

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