Re: Gs and memetic engineering

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Thu, 02 Apr 1998 20:52:07 +0300

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Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 20:52:07 +0300
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Subject: Re: Gs and memetic engineering
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At 14:10 1998.03.31 -0500, Bob wrote:
>Still, when one puts the label "natural" on just about anything now a days
>it sells stuff! Can you think of a line of identifications associated
>with natural, say like the following, i.e., "holistic, lite, Eastern
>wisdom, herbal, wholesome, organic, vibratory, aura possessing,
>non-addictive, ancient, etc., etc.," and then see where the connection
>comes from?
>So, it seems to "be in vogue" these days to have a "buzz word discipline"
>for which to appeal for all sorts of "wisdom." The older the better!
>Thus, label identification, "popular or faddish" belief systems, etc.,
>seem to offer much to a lot of people...
>Are we "really" doing the same thing with Memetics or General Semantics,
>Quantum Consciousness, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Thought Field
>Therapy, etc., etc.....? Name your own poison here and let us be prepared
>to defend our current disciplines!

We can find some day in our post-boxes or email boxes a booklet about
excellent effect of new progressive Memetic Remedy against smoking (hard
drinking; tendency for quarrels (of wives) or delinquency (of children)
etc.). "You pay only $20 for CD with product of Most Advanced Evolutionary
Memetic Engineering. Listen this Memetic Mix and you will be cured of your
undefeatable wish to smoke, your wife =96 of her prejudice against your
Sunday=92s fishing, your son =96 of tendency to listen noisy modern music...
Your chief will be tolerant to your habit to be late and all your friends
will pay off their debts... "
Is it possible if our meme of memetics is such contagious? Then Bob is
right, 'Memetics' will be jus one popular 'fashionable' label...


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