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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 12:10:50 -0800

Kastytis Beitas writes:

> [There are four possible gradations (my opinion) of memes' activity:
> Operative meme - especially active dominant meme, greatly influencing
> behavior.
> Dominant meme - meme in active memory that suppresses the rival memes in
> the same memocenosis (may be does not admit rival meme inside this
> memocenosis). Influences behavior of host.
> Recessive meme - meme in active memory that was suppressed by incoming new
> more potent meme (or can not enter memocenosis) and influences behavior
> only slightly. .
> Dormant meme - meme that was suppressed and ejected to passive memory.

Thank you, this is exactly the kind of terminology I was looking for a while

-Tim Rhodes

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