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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 11:58:43 +0100
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Subject: Re: The Memetics of the Army - a logical proof
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>Therefore a science of memetics (with the specification implied above)
>makes the human reality more tangible, bringing intellectually inspired
>revolutions down to the vernacular mode of discourse.
>I tend to view this as a part of the larger trend of "externalization of
>the internal". Other examples are artificial intelligence and virtual

I do not believe in revolutions, even if they are "intellectually inspired"
(aren`t them all inspired by "intellectuals"?). Revolutions are excellent
examples of memetics engineering. Revolution, in contrary to evolution,
means discontinuity (explosion) and in every such case besides the "bad
stuff", that was the justification for starting the revolution, also some
"good things" are destroyed. After every revolution there is a period
needed for "cleaning out" the produced mess, and for the reconstruction of
all the destroyed institutions with a new "better" technology.

For a witty explanation of intelligence (not the military or the business
one) look in the Christopher Evans`s "The Mighty Micro".

I also have a particular attitude against the "Virtual Reality". It is not
at all virtual (how reality can be virtual?) until it resides on such real
things like computers, modems, satellites and other technological stuff. It
is only another way of, as you say, "externalization of the internal".
Doesn`t writers, movie makers and other artists do already the same thing
using other technological means. You will say "Yes, but it is interactive".
So what? It doesn`t mean that it is self-dependent or self-reliant. It is
the same thing as when speaking about "information transmission" and
abstracting the source and destination systems. "Information" has a mean
only for this systems, not for itself.


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