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gs/memetics theory as a nervous system configuration technology

My name is Chris Turner and I'd like to use this discussion proposal
as my more or less formal intro to the memetics list. I am copying
the general-semantics gs@lumina list as well, since there are some
gs-relevant issues referenced here, and I believe some members of that
list may have an interest in this perspective, and may be able to
make some valuable suggestions for a refinement of this proposal.
This is also a brief (and admittedly 'sketchy') outline of my primary
motivating interest in a theoretical 'unification' of memetics,
general-semantics, general systems theory, biological evolutionary
theory, etc. Thanks for looking it over and for any feedback.

Vision Statement:
Develop a general theory of the evolutionary role of human 'thought'
('belief system' construction), to use as a basis for the desighn of
belief systems which are 'most beneficial' to the human organism and
its society according to that theory.

Today's Situation:
In our contemporary culture, each individual and special interest
group, according to 'tradition', percieves its perspective on the
world as 'the way the world _is_', rather than 'this is the structure
of our/my beliefs about the world, and this is how my belief system
motivates me to behave'. This absolutist 'is' worldview meme
systematically motivates violent conflict among individuals and groups
holding incompatible absolutist worldviews.

How Did We Get Here?
Human evolution has thus far lead to our 'belief' (assumption) that
our perceptions of our envirnonmental stimuli, and our evaluations
thereof, are 'fact', i.e. are 'what is', rather than 'what my
particular nervous system abstracts from its environmental stimuli'.

This absolute 'is' meme has been largely institutionalized in Western
culture by the Aristototilian logic formulations, and is still the
primary framework of Western public education.

Proposed Alternative:
Propose Aristotilian logic memes be replaced in Western thought by
memes specifying the evolutionary function of memes as human
neuro-circuitry configurations which direct the human nervous system's
behavioral response(s) to stimuli for the purpose of maximizing human
survival potential. Use this theoretical basis as scientific rational
for replacing absolutist 'is' memes with formal scientific evaluative
logic structures (e.g. general-semantics) for construction of memes
which are more conducive to human society (and therein individual
organism) survival/prosperity.

List advantages:
Socially institutionalized 'memetic/general-semantic/etc.' scientific
theoretical basis for meme design and construction obviates rationals
for violent human conflict for the purpose of enforcing or imposing
absolutist 'is' memes.

Again -- a very general and 'rough' scetch. But thanks for
considering any of its possible merits.

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