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Ken McE (
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 14:44:53 -0300

Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 14:44:53 -0300
From: Ken McE <>
Subject: Re: Memetic Experience

Josip Pajk <> Wrote:

The memetics experience of Zoom and the last week "Join the Crew"
are very good examples of how every particular "dynamic system" is
its own original memes upon exactly the same structures.

Josip, where you say "Structure", could I substitute the word mind?
I'm afraid I do not understand how you are using this word here. Also,
what is a "dynamic system" in the sense that you mean here?

An E-mail with the same content, or the same car light flash may produce
completely different reaction in two different systems, regarding their
particular preceding experience (knowledge).

I would agree that the meaning of a signal depends on who or what is
receiving it.

- -Memes (informational structures) can not "survive" with-out or out-of
particular system;
- -What is actually passing between systems are pure structures
- -These structures are meaningless (no meme) or have another meaning
(different meme) to any other system without a "decoding" structure very
similar to the one of the transferred structure creator.

I find your assertions interesting. I enjoy that you are attempting to
get a peek at the underlying structure behind this memetic activity.
Unfortunately, I find that I am failing to grasp the full meaning of
these words as you are using them. This means that this particular
message is not transfering well from you to me.

Could you try and explain this a little more clearly? Or perhaps one
of our fellow listmembers could lend some assistance? I am respectfully

Ken McE

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