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Subject: Revised Call for Papers for the Semiotics of Autonomous Informat

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Call for Papers for the special session on

Semiotics of Autonomous Information Systems

for the

1998 Conference on Intelligent Systems and Semiotics (ISAS 98)

September 14-17, 1998
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, Maryland U.S.A.

Session Chairs:
Cliff Joslyn and Luis Rocha
Los Alamos National Laboratory


A crucial aspect of the modern Information Sciences, from robotics to
self-organizing databases, is the manner and extent to which
information systems can be said to be "autonomous". Of course, there
are many different sense of autonomy, from mere physical separation to
the establishment of complex functional relations sufficient to allow
the identification of the systems as "independent actors".

In any event, some sense of closure of the system's activities is
required. For many classes of information systems, this closure is
semiotic in nature, relating to the use and interpretation of symbols,
representations, and/or internal models (whether explicit or implicit)
by the system; and the syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic relations
among the sign tokens, their interpretations, and their use or
function for the systems in question (see This is the case,
for example, with biological systems, whose autonomy is enabled by
their own genetic information in the context of their environment.

The aim of this session is to collect scientific, conceptual, and
engineering advances about the important open questions concerning the
relations, if any, between autonomy and semiotics in information
systems. ISAS 98 overall is the premier conference for technical or
applied semiotic research in information systems.

Examples of potential domains of focus include in:

Robotics and Control Systems: where physical autonomy is more or less
assumed, but where issues of semantic grounding are paramount;

Agent-Based Technology: where functional forms of autonomy are
intended, but again crucial semiotic questions remain, for example if
agents built with more self-organizing, bottom-up, architectures
(e.g. situated robots) represent their environments?

Artificial Life: which has struggled to develop meaningful senses of
autonomy in relation to semiotic categories; and finally in

Web-Based Information Systems and Virtual Environments: where we hope
to imbue our information systems with significant forms of autonomy
and emergent semantics.

In each of these cases, there are significant open questions
concerning the sense of autonomy which is meant, or might be
achievable; and whether there may or must be consideration of the
semiotic properties of these systems, including the nature of symbol
generation, manipulation, and interpretation.

Topics of Interest:

Systems which address issues in semiotics and autonomy:

* Agent-Based Systems
* Situated Robotics and Embodiment
* Distributed Intelligence Systems
* Artificial Life, Adaptive and Evolutionary Systems
* Web-Based (Internet) Systems and Data-Mining
* Distributed Control Systems
* Conceptual issues (autonomy, semiotics, embodiment, autopoiesis,
nature of information systems)

Important Dates:

* February 15, 1998 - Submit extended abstract (initial feedback
provided by session organizers)
* April 1, 1998 - Full Papers Due to conference organizers
* May 8, 1998 - Notification of acceptance by conference organizers
* June 12, 1998 - Final Camera-Ready Due

Submission Details:

For initial consideration, please submit an extended abstract
than 250 words) electronically to and
by February 15, 1998. Submit hardcopies (if desired) to Cliff
Computer Research and Applications Group, Los Alamos National
Laboratorve as the corresponding author and include the title,
the name
of the author(s), affili(two column format, 10pt Times font, and
8.5 x 11
inch papaper). Please mail your submission to:

ISIC/CIRA/ISAS 98 Submissions
NIST, Intelligent Systems Division
Building 220, Room B124
Gaithersburg, MD 20899, USA
Phone: 301-975-3418
Fax: 301-990-9688

Notification of final acceptance, and the author's kit including
instructions for camera-ready copy submission, will be mailed by
8, 1998.

Camera Ready Paper:
The full paper prepared in camera-ready form according to the
instructions in the author's kit must be received by June 12,

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