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Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 15:11:01 EST

> I am interested in doing a study that may fall into the field of
memetics. I
> am interested in the qualities of ideas that make them successful. I plan
> collect and catalogue a great numbers of ideas or memes that have affected
> human history and use quantitative measurements of various objective
> of each idea, measuring each idea's qualities in several categories. I
> to correlate this information with the quantitative success of each idea in
> order to find what qualities make ideas successful.
> My question is: Has a study similar to this proposed one, to your
> been previously done. I am aware that it is a necessary preliminary to
> the originality of my work, and I wanted to ask those knowledgeable in the
> field of memetics.
> I appreciate your reading this. If you have a response please e-
mail me at
> Thank you.

Work has already been done along these lines, and is continuing. Don't be
surprised if the it takes more than one researcher. We are interested in
reading about other scientists' work just as you are. But you are not telling
us the name under which you will publish the results you are asking us to help
you achieve, so we withhold information until you correct the problem.

To see if you only forgot to sign you name, one of us looked up your name on
aol and found this:

Member Name: I really don't have the space here to list all of my assumed
names, and that would be fairly pointless, anyway.
Location: State of Anarchy
Birthdate: circa 20th Century
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Unemployed
Hobbies: World Government, law/politics, writing, poetry, reading,
nunismatics, science, liberal politics, sports
Computers: Power Mac G3, Mac PowerBook 190
Occupation: student, writer, mad scientist, crack philosopher, World
Government supporter (well paying, eh?)
Personal Quote: "Who votes for anarchy?"-mine

Memetics is not a play yard of anonymous dabblers.

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