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Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 11:37:44 -0000

>By the way, does anyone have a reference to systematique zoologice
>from Lamarck, but an English translation?
Hi Hans

I presume you mean philosophie zoologique? (1809). (If you didn't please
tell me about this mysterious other book) - the only other reference I've
got is Histoire naturelle des animaux sans vertebres (1815-1822). Anyway
here's the english version refs for philosophie zoologique

Lamarck, Jean Baptiste de (1914) Zoological Philosophy (trans. Eliot, H).
London. Reprint (1963), New York; Haffner

I'm beginning to think there are going to be a couple of rather similar
literature reviews on selectionist thought appearing soon. ;-)

Paul Marsden
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