A Memetic Analysis of Policy Making - Hans-Cees Speel

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Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 14:21:52 +0000
From: Bruce Edmonds <b.edmonds@mmu.ac.uk>
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Subject: A Memetic Analysis of Policy Making - Hans-Cees Speel

A Memetic Analysis of Policy Making

Hans-Cees Speel


A memetic framework is presented for the analysis
of policy making. This framework is based on three
concepts from modern biological evolutionary
theory: interaction, replication and lineage. The
framework consists of a view where descriptions of
actions and people endorsing them, compete to get
these action proposals into policy plans. This
framework enables the inclusion of rational,
non-rational and other selection forces, having their
effects when choices are made. Because it also deals
with the historical legacy of the ideas used to
formulate a policy, it expands on the concept of
'bounded rationality', limiting the role of rationality
or reasoning in making choices even further. It is
argued that the degree of replication, versus rational
or intentional deliberation in memetic evolution can
yield interesting hypotheses. `Weaseling', a
mechanism for memetic variation production, is
introduced as a new difference between genetic and
memetic evolution. Levels of retention are
introduced as differences in success criteria for

Keywords: Evolution; Policy Making; Meme;
University; Organization; Selection;

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