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Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 14:39:35 MET
Subject: RE: Lamarck references

> For what it's worth, it may well have been Gregory Bateson who put Lamarck
> back on the map. Already in 1963 he wrote an article (The Role of Somatic
> Change in Evolution, in "Evolution" 17: 529-39), which contained a notion
> he elaborated again in 1979 (in two sections section of his book "Mind and
> Nature, a Necessary Unity" - entitled "The Lamarckian Errors" and "Use and
> disuse" ), namely that whereas Lamarck's proposition that environmental

The oldest reference I have is from Medawar 1959, but I heard the
meme was used in the late nieteenth century even. Please keep thge
references coming.


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