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Thu, 6 Nov 1997 18:29:44 -0000

From: Robin Faichney <>
Subject: RE: The Information point of view
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 18:29:44 -0000

> From: Mario Vaneechoutte[]
> Robin Faichney wrote:
> > On the contrary, in the last chapter (of the first edition),
> > he says very clearly that the concept of the selfish
> > gene does *not* imply determinism, and that we have
> > the capacity to transcend hereditary behavioural traits.
> I do not see why the capacity to transcend genetics means
> nondeterminism, but we shouldn't have this discussion here, I guess.
I meant specifically genetic/memetic determinism.

> Although I agree that we may overcome genetically encoded behaviour
> (and
> this also coincides with what Arel Lucas says in her recent post, e.g.
> not falling back in ancient habits), I don't see why I should give up
> my
> deterministic point of view.
How could you? :-)

> > By the way, as regards the existence of Platonic forms
> > outside of human minds, you may be interested that
> > Dawkins agrees with my characterisation of life as
> > "the survival of information".
> >From preceding posts it should be clear that I am thinking in the
> same
> direction: understanding biological & cultural processes from the
> "point
> of view" of information. Have you published 'information' on your
> ideas?
> Thanks
Re preceding posts, I don't have time to read every
message on every list I'm on. Sorry.

I haven't published yet, but I'm working on a book.
Ch 1 is "Information and Reality", Ch 2 "Information
Evolves: Life and Culture". Ch 2 isn't really ready to be
seen by anyone yet. I'm willing to let people see Ch 1,
if they can handle PostScript or TeX dvi format, by
email, but not while I'm working from home, due to my
slow modem (14.4k!). In Ch 1 I link "information" to
"form" and assert that the link makes it valid to
consider information as existing "out there". Used in
this way, "information" and "form" are synonymous.
Info as in human communications is a little different.
If you're interested in seeing it let me know and I'll
send a copy when I next get in to the office, probably
in a week or two.


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