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Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 13:51:46 -0600
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Subject: Re: Do monkey's have memes

>According to this observation, cellular activities are memetic. During
>DNA replication, an enzyme checks the width of the 'new' double helix.
>If it is too wide (mismatched bases), the new mirrored section is
>uncovered and re-coded.

Well... Yeah.

>Do you want to narrow your definition?

No, I don't think I need to. Once again, I speak as a neophyte, but it
seems like memetic ideas can be scaled and applied to many different parts
of the universe. Like leaves on a tree, the simplest elements can give
rise to the most complex of systems. It seems appropriate that the
cellular activity that comprises my body at one level should follow the
same pattern as my mental activites (at a higher level in the same
organism). It's a simple and logical explanation that appears to be
applicable to a large number of situations. Keen.



"Wheel of Fortune sucks."

Andy Waschick

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