Re: Memes, Biology, Language.

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Subject: Re: Memes, Biology, Language.
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 97 23:56:52 -0600
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Wesley Schwein wrote:

Thanks for the clarifications.

>> In memetic terms, Genie could not replicate linguistic memes...

>Genie could still acquire and use new words; she'd just never
>developed a normal ability for syntax, so her sentences tended to be
>things like "Cat sofa sit there" and "Water drink me some want".
>As for memes of non-linguistic vectors, Genie learned to dress herself,
>play games, and so forth.

As I interpret your comments, Genie is clearly able to replicate (and
promote) some memes. She could dress herself, play games, etc. On
another level, she was unable to replicate more matured and complex
linguistic memes.

Is this what you mean?


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