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Mon, 06 Oct 1997 21:09:26 -0500

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Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 21:09:26 -0500
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A German translation of my article Thought Contagion and Mass Belief has
just been published in the Swiss journal gdi-impuls. The article provides a
general introduction to thought contagion theory, and applies it to the
pre-war spread of anti-Semitism and overt Nazism in the population. The
section pertaining specifically to anti-Semitism and Nazism is available as
an online excerpt at

Written for those with no prior knowledge of thought contagion theory, the
article introduces the subject with application to stock market rumors, the
pre-war spread of Nazi ideology, Freudian psychoanalysis, body piercing,
cigars, television violence, religion, and sexual morality. An English
language excerpt is at

The full article is
Wie =DCberzeugungen Menschen Finden
gdi-impuls #3, September, 1997, pp. 42-54.

--Aaron Lynch

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