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Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 11:30:24 -0700

On Friday, September 26, 1997 7:56 AM, Aaron Lynch []
Several people told me to look at the discussions of
> a "Church of Virus," which espouses an "atheistic religion." Inspecting
> list, I found a post from you in which you offered a "memetic revelation"
> of the existence of "God" and "the Spirit."
> ( Not surprisingly, I also
> saw that you were catching some flak over this post.

Yes, Church of Virus is quite a roller-coaster ride. I'm glad you've
started to participate, if only from the pews. You realize, of course, that
the act of reading the sermons automatically makes you a member of the
Church. Welcome, Brother!

For those interested, there is a link to Church of Virus on Meme Central ( ). Be forewarned, it is more
memetically-oriented performance art than anything else.

What you need to bear
> in mind is that you could just as easily have caught flak for walking
> a monotheistic church and offering a revelation that there is no god.
> Still, I can't help thinking that you might have received a, uh, "warmer"
> reception had you announced a revelation that "Lucifer" exists!

If you're coming out as a Satanist, that's your own business. I'll stick
with the forces of niceness.

Richard Brodie
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