Re: A Drosophila for cultural evolution

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Sat, 16 Aug 97 00:05:38 -0400

Subject: Re: A Drosophila for cultural evolution
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 97 00:05:38 -0400
From: Wade "T.Smith" <>
To: memetics <>

>I think it an excellent area for memetic study. I've been saying that
>memes and scatalogical object were probably intertwined. Toilet training
>as currently practiced certainly seems to involve something of memetics,
>regardless of what definition one uses.

Thanx. Yes, it is this multifaceted containment that sparked me.

>Of course, we are confronted with the usual question...where is the meme?
> Is it the dung? the diaper? the words one's parents use to convey a need
>for bodily control? the memory of toilet training? the brain pattern
>controlling relevant bodily functions? the instinct to acquire control
>of the bowels?

Well, how about using this to arrive at the meme? (Or the definition
thereof.) Reducing it to its essence, as it were. I think there is some
promise there. I don't think there has ever been a human culture without
some form of toilet training, at least not in ethnographic time. And I am
not aware of any non-human form of it, with the possible exception of the
toilet-trained cat.... But mimicry is always a red herring.

But- yours was the only response, so I guess either the others are afraid
to get their hands dirty, or it just ain't the raging brainstorm I
thought it was....

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