Re: A Drosophila for cultural evolution

Ton Maas (
Sat, 9 Aug 1997 23:14:47 +0200

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Date: Sat, 9 Aug 1997 23:14:47 +0200
From: Ton Maas <>
Subject: Re: A Drosophila for cultural evolution

>>>>What can serve as a Drosophila for the study of cultural evolution?
>OK- I've been thinking about this.
>And I think I've got it.
>So sit down....
>The answer to life, the universe, and everything is- Toilet training.

This notion actually sits very well with me! After reading the proofs for
my book "Ideal Mistakes & Mistaken Ideals" (on natural learning), my wife
said: "Gee, now I *finally* understand why Pampers and Huggies and all
those ultra-quick-dry&disposable paper creations are Mistaken Ideals and
those good old cotton diapers were Ideal Mistakes." If experience is the
source of learning (including Toilet training), than Pampers provide
alienation from the real world (which after all is a wet rag, hanging
uncomfortably between your legs), thus preventing self-governed toilet


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