Cultural r/k Selection question

Mark Mills (mmmills@OnRamp.NET)
Mon, 7 Jul 97 19:26:39 -0000

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Subject: Cultural r/k Selection question
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 97 19:26:39 -0000
From: Mark Mills <mmmills@OnRamp.NET>
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In 'Cultural r/k Selection,' =, there is the =
following comment:

>I want to emphasize that the analogy between genetic
>and cultural selection cannot be used to prove anything
>about either mechanism - the differences between the
>two mechanisms are simply too big=A0(Boy &
>Richerson=A0[5], Daly=A0[9],=A0Fog=A0[14]) and the reader
>is warned against expecting too much from the apparent
>analogy between biological mechanisms and the cultural
>model presented below. The analogy may be useful as a
>source of inspiration, and should not be regarded as
>anything else here when I am introducing what I will call
>cultural r- and k-selection.

I don't have immediate access to these references. Can you provide a =
thumbnail sketch of the comments you refer to (Richerson, Daly and =

I am wondering if they reflect on the continuing dialog over 'memes =
as ideas' and 'memes as coded substrate.'



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