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Thu, 03 Jul 1997 16:19:33 -0400

Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 16:19:33 -0400
From: "Robert G. Grimes" <>
Subject: Re: meme lineages

Bill Benzon wrote:
> On the contrary, there is no doubt that the symbology carries nothing
> whatever like the "seed" of a "meme." It's just physical stuff. You seem
> to think that the symbol carries some non-physical meme/mind stuff which
> gets planted in someone's mind and somehow grows into a meme.

Well, I give up... I don't believe in ESP or "non-physicial meme/mind
stuff." I do believe that it is apparent that the symbology doesn't
carry the total meme construct. I do believe that the symbology is
responsible for the replication of an "approximation" of the original
meme in the transmitting organism to the receiving organism (an
approximation that may be astoundingly like the original - only we know
that it cannot be identical). Subsequent exchanges may "polish" the
construct but, again, this is where we would naturally get evolution/
change. Each exchange provides the opportunity for the evolution. Here I
used "exchange" rather than "replication." That may be where I'm
apparently not making myself clear. It is apparent to me that the
limited symbology, spoken, written, or whatever, assumes a place in the
receptor host and, in that new cognitive milieu, "expands" with whatever
referent and/or chemical "resonance" occurs from the stimuli. Now that
is totally physical and with no mysterious forces involved, at least to
my mind.

And, the resultant "shape" of the new construct can result in a
chemical/electrical response that may "feel good" or "feel bad," etc.
But, again, I'm apparently poorly communicating my concept so I'll
relieve you of the burden of trying to comprehend it and apologize for
being so obscure. The exchange enabled me to further evolve my own
concepts of the meme cycles even if I didn't apparently communicate what
I intended...

Thanks again for the exchange. I'll let you rest now...



Bob Grimes Jacksonville, Florida

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