Artificial Societies and memetics

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Subject: Artificial Societies and memetics
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 23:13:29 +0300

Thanks for Mark Mills and Bill Benzon for their replies on 'Memetics and
the History of Ideas". I wonder what are the relations between memetics and
complex systems theory. Especially computer simulations of complex systems.
We can see the evolutionary development of social relations in computerized
simulations (such as "Sugarscape"). Do uou suggest to consider such an
emergance as a meme? The emergent cooperation for example, is not an idea
which resides somewhere.In fact, it is not located within any of the
entities simulated in a computer. But the cooperation among the virtual
creatures is evolutionary self-developing. Can we consider this cooperation
a meme?

Shai Ophir

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