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At 06:54 AM 6/20/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Aaron Lynch,
>>Memetics is a branch of science first and foremost. This means that not all
>>of its theory, hypothesis, and fresh data will be culled by reference to
>>prior sources. To say first that it is a "branch of scholarship" may, in a
>>round about way, demand that it be built upon vast bodies prior scholarly
>>writings, such as those of hermeneutics.
>But also social and cultural anthropology, sociology, political science,
>economics, literary history, history of science, history of ideas,
>historical demography, musicology, art history, archaeology, linguistics,
>various branches of psychology. Very little of that, of course, is written
>in memetic terms. But surely much of it is relevant. The fear that I have
>is that memetics aspires to solve problems variously addressed in those
>fields without undertaking to discover and assimilate what is known.

Bill, you might find my Chapter "A Missing Link: Memetics and the Social
Sciences" interesting. Perhaps it will lay to rest your fears that this
memeticist, anyway, sees the new field as a replacement for all those other
social sciences. I deemed the discussion of other social sciences important
enough to place in the front of the book, right after the intro.

>>Show me good data on reproduction versus age in taboo and non-taboo
>>populations, and I will not dismiss it.
>You have a point there.

Thank you.



--Aaron Lynch

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