Memes, territory and odors

Dr I Price (
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 06:27:46 -0400

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 06:27:46 -0400
From: Dr I Price <>
Subject: Memes, territory and odors
To: "" <>

Mark you raise interesting issues.

>It is my belief that territorial markings
are both cultural and memetic. Additionally, the system is pre-conscious=
Humans don't have an exclusive ability to play this memetic game.<

1. I guess conventional neo-Darwinism would see territory marking as part=

of an extended phentotype and thus part of the genetic replication vehicl=
You are suggesting, if I read you correctly, that it might be part of the=

phemotype - that is transmitted without reference to a genetic code Does
anyone have data?

2. If the territory mark is none genetic is it the meme or a means of
transmitting a more nebulous 'territorialism meme'. I think we are back t=
the issue of what replicates/ gets replicated. Is there a way of getting
our linguistic distinctions clearer here.

I use replicator in what understand to be the Dawkins sense - an entity
with an inbuilt tendency to seek to make copies of itself in other hosts.=

If, or when, memes do this via constructs like territory marks or any oth=
artefact then the construct is also replicated [in the sense of copied]. =
the construct the meme? I would say no but perhaps we need some agreed te=
to describe constructs that are an essential part of a replication proces=
Has anyone any ideas?


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