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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 11:43:06 +0000
Subject: is memetics science/ was lynch

> That sort of thing is get-rich-quick science, if it is science at all. And
> so we return to our opening question. Is memetics a scholarly discipline,
> with standards for truth, evidence, and theory, or is it guesswork and
> opinion based on personal experience in which there is no expectation of
> using -- or discussing -- the scholarly literature?

I have no judgements on Lynch exept that has book has brought
memetics further than it was.

For the other question, I think we can make memetics a scholary
science. Fopr a great deal this is up to us and others.
I do think that we have a different beginning than Darwin, beinbg
analogical reasoning with an already settled biological analogical
theory thathas proven its worth, and that has been discussed for a
long time. This gives a certain assurance the theory is usefull, well
defined and so on.

this does not mean we are ready yet, but it does mean we have a firm
start to go from.


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