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Mark Mills quoting Dennett:
>"The subject's arm rests cushioned on a table, and mechanical tappers are
>placed on two or three locations along the arm, up to a foot apart. A
>series of taps in rhythm are delivered by the tappers, e.g., five at the
>wrist followed by two near the elbow and then three more on the upper arm.
>The taps are delivered with interstimulus intervals between 50 and 200
>msec. So a train of taps might last a second, or as much as two or three
>seconds. The astonishing effect is that taps seem to the subjects to
>travel in a regular sequence over equidistant points up the arm - as if a
>little animal were hopping up the arm." Consciousness Explained, pg 143)
It's not clear to me where the bunny story comes from. Is Dennett claiming
that subjects spontaneously offer a hopping bunny story as an
interpretation of what they feel, or is that just a metaphor Dennett is
using to convey to the reader what people apparently feel?

In any event, I don't see that story grammars will give you much help here.
They aren't much concerned with how sensory experience gets interpreted in
the brain.

>and the story is the 'uncoded' experience (meaning). There is also some
>very interesting things happening with time and memes here, since there is
>no way to know the 'story' of the bunny hopping up the arm until all the
>sensations are available to the brain, but the conscious perception
>involves a confirming sensation about a bunny hop at the beginning of the

1. There is a lot of evidence (& speculation) that central brain processes
actively "sculpt" & interpret sensory input. So this fits in with that
body of work.

2. On time, you might what to look at a book Robert Ornstein published
awhile back: On the Experience of Time, Penguin, 1969. He did a series of
experience on how people experience duration and some of his experiments
involved recoding events sometime after they took place.

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